Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Get Instant Cash

Emergencies can happen to us anytime. It maybe because one of our children is ill and in need of medical attention and expensive treatments but our account cannot cover. Or it may be caused by uncontrolled urgencies to buy some things that we do not really need. To cover for these expenses, we need the help of a loan. But of course not just any loan. With loans from banks, we are required to wait for some time. Can be up to months. Because they have a long process that involves background check and credit rate check. On the contrary payday loans have a very quick approval process. You can get the same day approval and money sent. It feels more like an instant cash then a loan.

Payday loans do not give credit check, so no matter how your credit is, you can still apply for payday loans and get your loans approved. In fact, payday loans have about 20% higher approval rate when compared to other loans from banks. With the current economic condition, it is difficult for banks to apply the same regulations and policies as the before in order for them to survive. Therefore, banks apply stricter rules and policies when it comes to loans. Meanwhile, because the business scope of some providers is considered lower, they are not directly affected by the situation.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Learning An Instrument Can Benefit Your Children

If you have a young child, it is likely that you considered giving them piano lessons by Music Teachers Network or perhaps having them learn some other type of instrument. To be certain, having music in their lives is going to benefit them in many ways. Not only is it going to be seen in the fact that they will be able to read music and appreciate it more fully, it tends to help them to be more adjusted. You not only have the option of having piano for kids available, you can also give them kids guitar lessons which will help to introduce music to them and provide them with the benefits that you desire.

If you’re planning on introducing those lessons to your child at a young age, it’s important for you to consider the person is going to provide the lessons for them. Take a little bit of time to research the options that are available in your area. You can do this research online in many cases and discover quite a bit a feedback that is provided from current and former students. You may also want to interview each of the teachers to see if they are going to provide your child with what you need for them. Finally, make a choice as to whether you’re going to be having the music lessons at your location or if you are going to be sending them out to another location to take the lessons. Although teaching them at your house is going to be the most convenient option, it is not going to be one that is available to everybody.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life Insurance for Peace of Mind

Life insurance is widely offered for public in many countries in the world. The life insurance can be very useful in case you get an accident and you die. The life insurance can help your family to survive after your death. The life insurance will support the family with huge sum of money as the compensation of your death and your family can use it to sustain the family life until they get new way to earn money for the living.

Life insurance quotes is widely available on the internet. It can be found easily there but you have to be selective because the life insurance products are different in the protection and the sum of compensation money. You should choose the life insurance that give you the best protection but you have to compare the prices before you decide to sign the life insurance contract.

Choose the cheapest life insurance that give the best protection so that you will have peace of mind  but doesn’t make any burden to your monthly budget. Buy the life insurance from reliable insurance company only to ensure that you get the most reliable protection.  Read some life insurance articles from the internet if you want to know more.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Finding the Best Store to Buy Bulk Strings Online

These days, shoppers are actually spoiled because they are now able to buy almost all kinds of products and services without leaving their comfortable home. As you surely have known, buying a product from your home avoids you from driving your car, buying gas, or being trapped in a traffic jam. As in your attempt to buy bulk strings, you can simply consider buying them online because there are string suppliers that sell their products online. This opportunity is absolutely good for you since you can buy bulk strings from your most comfortable place. However, since you certainly want to get the best values from your purchase, you should manage to buy bulk strings from the right online store

To determine whether a certain store is the right online store to buy bulk strings, you should pay attention to some factors. The first factor is product selections. If you want to buy bulk strings, you have to find a store that has huge string selections like because buying bulk string from such store enables you to find your desired strings easily. Usually, you just need to browse the inventories to find a product. The second factor to consider in finding a bulk string supplier on internet is website security. You have to choose a supplier that has a secured website in order to be able to make a safe payment. As you seemingly have known, a secured website can protect shoppers form identity theft. If shoppers are perfectly protected, they do not need to worry about making payment.

Furthermore, the third factor is price. You have to find a supplier that has the lowest deal like guitar strings because paying the lowest deal enables you to save lots of money. Therefore, you had better shop around to find a supplier that has the lowest deal. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Best New Music Recording Software Program

When you are looking for a way to make your own music these days, there are a lot of options out there on the market that can get the job done. In fact, there are so many different options out there, that it can be hard to determine which product is going to be the best for your situation. The main things to keep in mind, is the fact that some of the programs and products out there are going to be much harder to learn than others. If you have had some experience with different recording programs in the past, you may want to upgrade to what is called an industry standard platform. These are going to be true professional programs that you would find in a real recording studio. Sometimes you will find that these programs are a bit more expensive, but you really do get what you pay for. If you are looking for an affordable professional option, you may want to look into the Apple product, Logic Pro 9.

Logic Pro 9 has been around for a few years, and comes on the heels of the famously popular Logic Pro 8. There aren't huge differences in the two programs, but the recent release has cleaned up a few things that were lacking in the previous versions. This program is going to be a bit similar to Garage Band which has been very popular with the self made musicians of the past. This program is going to be very similar, but is basically everything you would find in a recording studio, but inside your computer. There may be some hardware that you will have to buy before the program is completely functional, but the program can be used to it's fullest without any additional hardware. This software really is for people who have a strong understanding of digital DAW's, and doesn't really come with a manual. If you would like to learn all there is to know about the program, you might want to consider purchasing a manual that teaches you some of the basics.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Resources For Finding New Music Online

When it comes to finding new music, the Internet is a virtual treasure trove, with a seemingly limitless supply of new and established artists, hidden gems and struggling and fledgling artists that are on the cusp of stardom. Here are some excellent legal resources to help you find more music to add to your collection:

Technically, Pandora is a free internet radio site, but look a little deeper and you'll find much more than that. From the main page, you'll be asked to type in your favorite music artist. Then a radio playlist is generated that includes your favorite artist as well as similar artists that Pandora believes you would like. They chonse similar artists by matching up the rhythm, lyrics, harmonies, melodies and just about every other aspect of your favorite artist's songs and then selects more artists and songs based on that analysis. The result is a very customized playlist that likely includes many artists that you haven't heard of, yet will very likely be of interest to you. Pandora continues to refine the playlist even as you are listening to your customized radio station, by letting you give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each song. If you're looking for new music, Pandora is a great place to start.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Essence - Orin Ft Ink Edwards(Prod. By MasterKraft)

Tangkap Suxx: The Fremantle Chapter S3E2


The Fremantle Chapter
Friday 20th July 2012
930pm - 11pm (sg/my/wa time)



1. Can - Millionenspiel (5:49)
2. The Tim O'Dwyer Trio - Rough For Radio (10:43)
3. Lost Weekend - After Midnight (demo) (3:30)
4. Pleasantry - Windowgazer (4:24)
5. Guillemots - Up On the Ride (6:48)
6. Sawi Lieu - I-ON (4:56)
7. The XX - Angels (Fauxe Remix) (5:11)
8. Om - Haqq al-Yaqin (11:25)
9. Mohd. Rafi - O Duniya Ke Rakhwale (5:27)
10. The Zozi - Santai The Sky (3:22)
11. Spiritualized - So Long You Pretty Thing (7:51)


Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to MZ Kaiie


Hey y'all... This iz me using me blog to send a HBD shout out...(eccentric...yimu) :p to a special fwend...

#InCaseYouNeverKnow me I dey NYSC camp since n she's been z one making most of the posts on F9M ere. Thanks Mz Kaiie. I need a favour y'all.

Follow her on twitter @Mz_Kaiie

Visit her website (awesome)

drop a hullo too...nedJamez sez so ;)

Wishing you all z best babe <=-P

Naeto C - Tony Montana rmx ft D'Banj

D’Banj, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, M.I and 2face - Let's get this party started

Stringz - Hangover


Sunday, July 15, 2012

BigDeal - Back It Up


Ajemina - Felele ft Iyanya (Prod. By DjKlem)

Slick Mo Ent. introduces its brand new afro pop sensation 'Ajemina' as she makes her first entry into the music industry with her debut single "Felele". Felele is an uptempo Afro pop song with an infectious melody, heavy synths, dance instruments and talking drums. This is definitely a club banger and radio friendly tune. This track features the "Kukere" master 'Iyanya' and is produced by the highly acclaimed producer, Dj Klem. If you no be 'felele', listen to the song below and share your thoughts.*For those wondering, 'Felele' is a Nigerian acronym for something or somebody weak*


Track List

1. @17_Tangan Di Atas VS Horny 2012
2. Dealy_Sexy & I know it Db 2012
3. Andy_Love Comes Again Db 2012
4. Ronny_Danza Americano Db 2012
5. Ricko_Tangan Di Atas 2012
6. Y2nk~Nrc_Set Fire To The Rain
7. Aroel~Nrc_Mr.Simple 2012
8. Andy_Sexy & I know it V2 2012
9. Ricko_Jangan Ngarep 2012
10.Nox2 ft Ronny_Brand New Day 2012


Peter Clarke & Joshbeatz – Lonely (A Soliloquy of Heartbreak)

Friday, July 13, 2012

A-Q – Machine Gun Flow ft Boogey & Morell

A-Q – Machine Gun Flow Ft. Boogey & Morell


Terry G – See Groove Part 2


Isolate – Gbon Gbon Ft D’Swade [Freestyle]


Ferry SBD - WoW Funkot 2012 [SBD Team]

Track List - Ferry SBD - WoW Funkot Juli 2012 [SBD Team]

2. Serpihan Hati - Utopia
3. Dimana Hatimu - Papinka
4. Jaga Selalu Hatimu - Seventeen
5. Disaat Aku Mencintaimu - Dadali
6. Bukan Aku Tak Cinta_ Iklim
8. Aku Yang Tersakiti - Judika
9. Yang terdalam - Wali
10. Separuh Napas - Dewa 19
11. Pujaan Hati - Yangseku
12. MegaMix - Ungu
13. Butiran Debu - Rumor
14. Rindu - Agnez


Teeklef – Stay Scheming ft. Afrotunes & Yesi

Dipp - Owambe

Exvibes - Walai ft Q.D & soares

New Tune coming from one of the most anticipated young emerging act, EXVIBES. The song "WALAI", has a very nice pop vibe and can easily get a party started.

EXVIBES is a rapper, that is slowly, but surely, evolving into one of the most promising upcoming rapper in Nigeria.

EXVIBES, (born Mbe Samuel Jnr) is a Nigerian rapper, lyricist, song writer, model, performer and a student, He is know for his English lyrics, swag and stage performance.

He started singing at the age of fourteen and gained popularity from performing at unilag , yabatech and in top campus gigs, he is also known for the various rap battles he had participated in and won, he represented his school at the MTN campus show, Lagos, were he came out top 5.

Presently EXVIBES, is not only a talented entertainer, he is also studying mass communication here in Nigeria and he has worked with over 30 other artiste before He finally decided to release his personal and first official single "WALAI", which he features fellow young rappers Q.D and SOARES.

The song which is a victory song is a hit on its own, as the quality of the lyrics are good and classy.

Check out this new joint from new-comer EXVIBES and drop your thoughts.

NS Ben – Follow Me Go ft YQ


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Della Puspita - Kekasih Awal & Akhir
Della Puspita - Undangan
Della Puspita - Kau Milikku
Della Puspita - Untuk Apa
Della Puspita - Prasangka
Della Puspita - Sandiwaramu Adalah Lukaku
Della Puspita - Senyum Dalam Duka
Della Puspita - Kembali
Della Puspita - Rinduku

Breakbeat 2012-Kho [ SBD™] vol 2

Breakbeat 2012-Kho [ SBD™] vol 2

01. Computer melody
02. Deep in love
03. Cant stop loving you
04. Brand new days
05. Iwak peyek
06. Someone like you
07. Sexy n funny
08. Set fire to the rain
09. Stereo love
10. Zunea
11. Endless summer


DJ Rhyno Syahputra - Techno Beat Mix

DJ Rhyno Syahputra - Techno Beat Mix

01.resident evil(hardstyle)
02.Techno Trance - King Of My Castle (Remix)
03.Akon - Right Now Mix (Na Na Na)
04.Akon feat. Kardinal - Dangerous remix
05.Alex Gaudino - Watch Out
06.3Britney Spears - Piece Of Me
07.Cris Brown - Wall To Wall
08.Sean Kingston - Take You There
09.The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons
10.Tommy Vee - Lovely
11.T-Pain feat. Akon - Bartender
12.Yves Larock - Rise Up
13.Fergie - Glamorous
14.D'Black & Negra Li - 1 Minuto (tekno beat)
15.Gwen Ft. Akon - Sweet Escape


Monday, July 9, 2012

DJ IWANK - Techno Trance 2012 (Special Request)

 Special Request - Bali Techno Lovers

01. Intro Mugunosaki
02. Arno
03. Tune
04. Beat Of Trance
05. Club Bizza
06. Another Day
07. House Of You
08. Hynm
09. Everyday
10. No Metter
11. Smak That
12. Tonight
13. Techno Disco
14. For Ever Night
15. Bass Come
16. Love You More
17. Black Magic
18. Ladida
19. Dance To The Beat
20. Can Waalk In The Water
21. Kiss Me
22. Summer Night Mugu
23. Bitch
24. Show Me Your Love
25. Play That Song
26. Outro DJ Iwank


New Funkot [ Alex SBD™ ] PART 06 (EURO VERSION)

Track List:

Opening welcome to SBD Funkymix
03.Butiran Debu 2012
04.Adele_Set Fire To The Rain New 2012
07.Judas 2012
08.I Miss You New 2012 Hardmix
10.Semua Tangan Diatas db 2012 [SBD™ • Joehan]
11.Broken Angel New 2012 db
12.Taylor Swift - Love Story New 2012 db
13.Aku yang Tersakiti ( Judika ) 2012
14.She Got It New 2012


Mixtape 28 Juni 2012 [YuDi SBD™]

01. Bunga
02. Tuning
03. Istanbul Dance
04. Tangan Diatas
05. Danza Kuduro
06. On The Floor
07. Por The Floor
08. Dance Floor Is Open
09. Love The Way You Lie
10. Paris Barantai
11. Show Me Love


HardFunk Mixtape Vol 1 - 23 Juni 2012

= TrackList =

- HIP-HOP17-M3


Musik Remix Terbaru 2012 (New Compilations)

01.Zinyo Hot zone Rindu Setengah Mati 2012
02.DJ Danker - DJ ( Disc Jockey )
03.Danza Kuduro minggu (Minggu DJ Agus 15 April 2012)
04.Bojo Naik Kuda. ® ☑Cоpyгighт RafLy TranCe ©
05.Rain and Tears - Gorontalo Beatz Club 2012 [ Menmix's SBD™]
06.Pacar Yang Hilang Menmixs
07.Engri Berts - HARRIZ [SBD™]
08.Happy Birthday (BreakBeats Remix) - HARRIZ [SBD™]
09.Katty Perry - Fireworks - HARRIZ [SBD™] BreakBeat Remix
10.NRB-DJ™ • Aroel _ Mr. Simple - Super Junior _(DEMO)

Mixtape Request My Dear [YuDi SBD™]

01. Broken Hearts
02. Perawan & Bujang
03. Aku Tak Biasa
04. Aku Terjatuh
05. Pengujung Cinta
06. Tak Kan Pernah Ada
07. Aku Bukan Bang Toyib
08. Andai Aku Gayus
09. Cinta Terlarang
10. Stereo Love
11. The Time


BONUS : Ferry SBD - Long Weekend Funkot Party Mixtape Vol 7 [SBD Team]


New Mixtape 2012 WILSON [SBD] Vol.1

New Mixtape 2012 WILSON [SBD] Vol.1

01. Futuristic love _ Andrew Lee
02. Xin yi xin yuen_ Andrew Lee
03. Cinta 1 Malam Euro _ Apin17 RmX
04. Tangan Di Atas 2012 _ Achong Chia
05. Morena3 _ CyberDJ™ Andy
06. Sexy & I Know It V3 _ CyberDJ™ Andy
07. Tune _ CyberDJ™ Andy
08. Someone Like You 2012 _ CyberDJ™ Dealy
09. Ni De Xien Je _ Nattalia RmX
10. Lara Hati _ CyberDJ™ Dealy
11. We Found Love DB 2012 _ NRC™-Y2nk
12. La vida La Narcotica 2012 _ CyberDJ™ Andy
13. Rindu _ [PpT]
14. Gam-Gam _ Ricko RmX
15. New Riverside DB _ CyberDJ™


Mixtape 30 Mei 2012 [YuDi SBD™] mp3 terbaru

Mixtape 30 Mei 2012 [YuDi SBD™] mp3 terbaru

01. Auto Funk
02. Bad Funk Ducth
03. Black Funk
04. Blueforest
05. Brand New Day
06. Disaat Aku Mencintai Mu
07. Doaku Untukmu Sayang
08. Handsaw
09. Sonda
10. The Fox
11. The Gold


Alexei Dance 9.4 (groovy house) - SPECIAL REQUEST 2012

Alexei Dance 9.4 (groovy house) - SPECIAL REQUEST 2012

01.Barbie Girl
04.Beat On My Drum
05.Joli Garcon
06.The Reason
07.Beautiful Lie
08.Moonlight Shadow
09.Mas Que Nada
10.Your Loving Arms
11.The Drill In Vegas
12.The Beat Is Rockin
14.Sweet Love
15.The Beat


Mixtape Galau [YuDi SBD™] 2012 .mp3

Mixtape Galau [YuDi SBD™].mp3

01. jujur Saja
02. Aku Yang Tersakiti
03. Lara Hati
04. Luka Disini
05. Pelampiasan Cintamu
06. Puaskah
07. Sampai Ku Mati
08. Tak Kan Pisah
09. Tak Rela
10. Tiada Guna Lagi
11. Ya Sudah Lah

Mixtape 29 Mei 2012 [YuDi SBD™]

Mixtape 29 Mei 2012 [YuDi SBD™] mp3 terbaru

01. I Miss You
02. Bad Romance
03. Por The Floor
04. Stereo Love
05. The Time
06. It's My Book
07. Mugwanti
08. Telephone V2
09. Vector Is A DJ


Mixtape 28-05-2012 [YuDi SBD™] .mp3

Mixtape 28-05-2012 - YuDi Saya Bukan Deejay [SBD™] .mp3

01. Break It Down
02. Love The Way You Live
03. Alejandro
04. Equador
05. Mugwanti
06. Eenie Meenie
07. Pass That Dutch
08. Bom Bom Pow
09. Freak ft Dealy
10. Funky Rhythm

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mixtape Funkot Terbaru - House Musik 2012

Mixtape Funkot Terbaru 2012
Wani Piro
House Musik 100% Indonesia

Nonstop Mix 29 April 2012 - KIZO [SBD™]

Nonstop Mix 29 April 2012 - KIZO [SBD™]

Trance Is A Life - 2009 2010 2011 2012

01. Intro
02. Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
03. The Killers - Spaceman
04. Drink To Get Drunk
05. Who's Wearing The Cap
06. Ninety
07. Riff
08. Reach Out
09. TDR - Squelch
10. RIA
11. Armin - Control Freak
12. Beyond Sound
13. Pura Vida

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lagu Remix Terbaru 2012 • Aroel_Sik Asik-Ayu Ting ting_db

Ayu Ting ting - Sik Asyik Remix 2012
NRC™ • Aroel_Sik Asik-Ayu Ting ting_db 2012

Desahan Mesum Anggota DPR - 2012 2011 2010

Heboh Video Porno Mesum Anggota DPR Terbaru 2012
desahan mesum versi mp3 remix hanya ada di
Clubbers Community

Lagu Terbaru 2012 - I Miss You (DJ Angga)

Lagu House Musik Terbaru 2012 - I Miss U (DJ Angga)

Funkot Terbaru 2012 - Syahrini Sesuatu House Remix Ajib

Syahrini Sesuatu VS Sewu kutho (Funkot Terbaru 2012)

The VIBRATION of FUNKOT - Jimmy W BESI (April 2012)

1. Pitbull Clawlers
2. Lonley revolution
3. the power of mind
4. Happy b'day
6. Munajat cinta
7. TEruskanlah
10. Broken angel
11. Im Lo Alee
12. Tak rela
13. Ruang rindu
14. Kisah cintaku
15. LOve comes again
16. ring of saturn
17. children
18. matahariku
19. bukan superstar
20. I miss you
21. you are my angel
22. bring the beat back
23. sandaran hati
24. huang hen
25. the myth
26. It's only love

Mixtape Tedy [SBD™] Saya Bukan Deejay

Mixtape Tedy [SBD™] Saya Bukan deejay

Seven Stars - Crazy In Love (House Music 2012)

Seven Stars - Crazy In Love (House Music 2012)

Seven Stars - Yang Penting Happy (House Music 2012)

Seven Stars - Yang Penting Happy (House Music 2012)

Music and Trance - Best Instrument 2012

New House Remix 2012 (Video & MP3)

Download House Musik Funkot Terbaru 2012

DJ IWANK - DanceMix 2011

01. Vocal Trance - Nothing Else Matters

02. DJ IWank - Tropicana (Dance Beat 2011)

03. DJ FUNK Ft IWANK - Just The Way You Are

04. DJ IWANK - La Fontaine (Dance Beat 2011)

05. DJ IWank - Corason (DanceBeat 2011)

06. DJ IWank - Arabian Dance Mix 2011

07. CHAIYA CHAIYA electro


09. Dj NSR MIX 2011 frm ksa


DJ IWank And Friends - New Hits 2011

01. DJ IWank - CANON 2011 (BreakBeatMix)

02. DJ IWank - Castle In The Sky (Progressive 2011)

03. DJ IWank - Fantasy 2011 (Progressive)

04. DJ IWank - Freaks 2011 (BreakBeatMix)

05. DJ IWank - Tears In Melody (Progressive 2011)

06. DJ IWank - Touch Me (Progressive 2011)

07. DJ IWank - You Sexy Mommy (Progressive 2011)

08. New Hits Mix - Toy Friends

09. Lady Gaga (single to SingleMix) (Dance Versionmix)

10. DJ Fino - With Dust Short

11. DJ IWank - Dance BBM

12. 50 Cent - In Da Club 2011mix(ElectromixREMIX)

13. Local Mix 10-01-11 By Dj Fernando

14. DJ Yudha - Computer Melody 2011

15. ADIY - BREAKBEAT Januari 2011

16. Dj Jimmy W BESI - The art of BREAKBEAT -Maret 2011

17. Viva Indonesia Dr Beat Rmx

18. DJ HANOCK - Computer Melody 2011

19. [KMF] - Tang ni ku tang 2011


DJ Crown - Suka Suka 2011

01. DJ Crown - Taxi frans Melody

02. DJ Crown - SHE GOT

03. DJ Endar - SHADOW NEW

04. DJ M3 - Wanita Malam (DEMO)

05. DJ Shabu - New Mixed

06. SUKA-SUKA Remix

07. DJ Waluh - Nagin Mix

08. Ya Sudahlah Feat SULE


10. India meet BALI (ending Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om)

Nonstop Hits 2011 - Gayus On D'Mix

01. Andai Aku Gayus Tambunan break (Fun Break Mix)

02. Wanita Malam ( Nard Remix ) Made with ACID Pro 7.0

03. Happy New Year 2011 - Funkot 2011 (Demo Version)

04. Zodiak Discotheque (Funky Mix 2011)

05. Tinggal Seribu (Goliath) - DJ Heri

06. Vocal Trance - Behind Your Smile (Original Mix)

07. Vocal Trance - Everything To Lose (Original Mix)

08. Marvel - Lagi Bohong (Funky Mix)

09. BIRU - Pacar Yang Hilang (Funky Mix)

10. DJ IWANK - Thinking Of You (Vocal Session)

11. DJ Rodex - Sweet Child Of mine

12. DJ Rodex - Dubai Spotlight

13. Can't Get Out My Head (Funkot)

14. Dj Crown - HAPPY MELODY

15. New Style 2011 - DJ Andy On D'Mix

DJs Indonesia - Most Wanted Hits 2010

01. DJ RODEX - Baby Please Dont Go (Jogja Clubbers)

02. C.C. Team - Milk Shake (Jakarta RMX 2010)

03. C.C. Team - I'm Not Superstar (Jakarta RMX 2010)

04. C.C. Team - More More More (Techno4ever)

05. DJ AHaO feat St 12 Setiaku (demo)

06. AAN Mix 2010 - In and out of love

07. AAN Mix 2010 - Resident Evil

08. AAN Mix 2010 - The Expendables

09. AAN Mix 2010 - Desahan Miyabi

10. AAN Mix 2010 - BLOOD

11. AAN Mix 2010 - Transporter

12. Remix wanted - dj waluh from banjarmasin

13. Tetris (tecno remix) 2010 - Dj waluh From Banjarmasin

14. Astrid - Tentang Rasa Remix 2010 - Dj waluh from Banjarmasin

15. Windows Vista Vs Mirror Eror 2010 - Dj waluh from Banjarmasin

16. Nu mi-e frica de bau-bau Remix - Dj waluh From Banjarmasin

17. HM - Telephone

18. HM - in and out of love

19. HM - Nobody

20. Justin Bieber - Baby (New Remix 2010)