Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Neat Change - 1968 - The first skinhead band ?

Allez, on sort un peu du glam... avec les Neat Change... unique 45.

Also, when we were looking for a manager, Chas Chandler came to see us with a view to managing us. All we believe he did was steel our image and give it to Slade (Ambrose Slade). So we can put the myth to bed that Slade were the first skin-head band, they weren’t, Neat Change were.

le reste de l'interview de Brian Sprackling:

Neat Change "I lied to my auntie may" - 1968

Neat Change "Sandman" - 1968

Rough Riders "Do you see me", "Hot California beach" - 1974

Unique 45 sous ce pseudo, les Rough Riders ont été un peu plus productif sous leur vrai nom: Slowbone!

Sorti chez Rare earth / Motown en 1974. Pochette allemande et française.

Rough Riders "Do you see me" - 1974

Rough Riders "Hot California beach" - 1974

Thursday, June 10, 2010

DEEP - by Rebecca McLean - 1997

Carrum has never been the same since Stick, Tracey and Tina decided they wanted 'in' with the local Sharpie Gang !