Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hip Hop Beats: Making Them The Easy Way! - Entertainment - Music

The beat of hip hop has been around the waves since the late 1970's.

It is defined in various styles, which uses it as rap, sampling, scratching and beat boxing. Since it started in the '70s, and every year has become more dynamic. We will now attempt to provide you information about the basic elements of how hip-hop works. By definition it is defined as the Rap, the boxing or the scratching. It has continued to grow in popularity each and every year. This article will supply direction on how to learn this beat style.

The striking of this hip hop thing is broken down to the rhythm and the voice.

The rhythm in its most basic terms is the background sounds that are there throughout the entire song. This element is primarily made up of drums and the instrumentation.The elements included in Hip Hop construction are audio drum loops / drum patterns, baseline, orchestration (maybe horns and strings) and dubs and snips.

One should be very careful of what you put here as the more complex beats provide the best outcome. Baselines on the other hand are really thick that becomes filtering and simple.

A selection of the parts or tools, that work together in harmony are called the Instrumentation. it is important to experiment with the sounds until you get the result you want.

Part two of hop hip is the voice. Beginning with the main rapper with a second background vocal bringing all together. A overdubbed main voice can be added for placing more attention on the lyrics.

In order to make a striking result one needs to include the following elements:

1: Drums in a 4-8 measure

2: Add to the drums your baseline sounds

3: The Instrumentation

4: More pattern

5: This is where you show your own personality so you appear different from the others.

Now, how you express the basic principles and styles of your first beats depends on the software you use. There are many packages to choose from, just start the search.