Saturday, April 7, 2012

Imagine Having A Hip Hop Beat Maker That Could Have You Pumping Out Killer Beats In Minutes - Entertainment - Music

If you have been looking for a good Hip Hop Beat Maker software, but have been disappointed by the options available to you thus far, then you can take a breath. In this article I am going to help you narrow down your options so you can quickly and easily begin making killer music beats right on your computer.

I am sure you have done some research on how you can make rap, hip hop and dance beats only to find that there are beat track programs, beat loop machines and online beat creators by the thousands. Unfortunately you will also need to invest another 4 years in a music production class to learn how to use these complicated programs.

There really is no beginners or novice hip hop beat maker software or tutorial guides out there to help those who have an ear for music but are technically challenged and new to the music production arena.

In order to make quality beats, like the ones you hear when out clubbing or that are hitting the top of the charts, you will need a professional recording studio. It's difficult to get that sound quality from some cheap plastic beat making machine.

Your frustration is quite understandable and most will just give up that dream of being able to create some killer music beats. Now if you had a bucket load of cash and have studied music production for at least 3 years you are well on your way to a new profession.

I, for one, am not as fortunate and quite a bit of others, without a doubt, are in the same boat. So asking yourself how does one even get started making hip hop beats right now, is a valid question.

Now comes the part where I can hopefully point you in the right direction. First lets narrow down what you should be looking for. There are some hip hop beat makers out there that offer MP3 files as the built in beat samples. This is not good. The reason is you will not get the quality sound you need from an MP3 file.

Converting your beats, after they have been created, into an MP3 format is great but not before. That being said you can rule out a bunch of those beat making hunks of junk.

The ideal hip hop beat maker software would be a digital audio workstation which will give you the same quality as a professional recording studio with the ability to load it right on to your computer.

This type of software brings you the solutions you have been searching for and allows you to begin creating beats online from the comfort of your home within minutes.

Some of the popular desktop music studios available on the net today are extremely complicated to grasp without some production studio knowledge not to mention costing you a small island.

Finding that hip hop beat maker software which is easy to use for the beginner and has all the bells and whistles of a recording studio not to mention thousands of beat sound samples, would be quite the deal right?

Imagine being able to create hip hop, rap, trance, club and dance beats that would make your friends envious? Being your own music producing guru. Well start drooling because I may have found that exact piece of beat making heaven!