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HOW TO CREATE A GOOD SOUNDING BEAT USING A BEAT MAKER - THIS IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK---------------------------------------------------Having a stand-alone beat maker, will allow you to add the verse, the hook and the percussion parts that can all be produced from one interface thus providing a mix-down for your final mastering. Besides having a good beat maker, you have to remember that in writing or creating a beat with the use of a beat maker is an organic process and you do not have to rush in doing so, as the song will evolve over time. A good beat maker has a stand-alone feature which means you'll be able to write a piano-key set, write bass-lines, write guitar parts, write piano parts, and create synthesizer sounds, without needing to use or install any 3rd party software.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN HIP HOP BEATS?---------------------------------------------------If beat sampling is just not your thing, and you would rather make or create your own beats, it is going to be important that you start taking piano lessons. To take your music to the next level, try learning how to play the piano.

SIMPLE STEPS IN MAKING A HIP HOP BEAT---------------------------------------------------Never distort the track and do not worry about it if it's not loud enough. Keep on layering throughout your beat making process. The use of an instrument such as lead guitar, clav or horns will make your beat stand out. You have to lay down a melody which most Hip Hop beat makers usually have trouble doing. Making beats is way easier than you think. Starting with a kick, a hi-hat and a snare is always good. to layer your beat, all you have to do is to fill in gaps, repeat the same pattern that you previously did with one instrument and then proceed to another instrument.

HOW TO MAKE HIP HOP BEATS USING HIP HOP BEATS MAKING SOFTWARE?---------------------------------------------------Making music with the use of a beat software is also a great starting point for beginners who want to join in the chaotic music industry of today. There is an additional bonus to having beat making software where as you can easily edit the beats and track your changes as you move on with your recording.

TIPS ON HOW TO BUY INSTRUMENTAL BEATS SOFTWARE ONLINE---------------------------------------------------While a mix does not necessarily have to sound perfect in that instant, since a sound engineer will then have to make the final changes when you actually mix your own vocals into the beat making software, however you should make sure that the beat is clean and that it is not too muddy or even crowded. Do business with producers who give their contact information to you. Some scammers even sell stolen beats, and even rip artists off by not even sending you your instrumental Hip Hop beat.

MAKE BEATS JUST LIKE A PRO---------------------------------------------------By producing, you actually create the beats or manufacture the beats and you will be called a producer by making your own beats. In order to make beats like the pro's, you must perform research on the different software and hardware that is readily available online. By practicing or by simply listening to your instruments you can learn how to make great beats which is a great way for you to master your craft.

WHAT SOFTWARE TO USE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN HIP HOP BEATS---------------------------------------------------The Roland's MV8800 is a amazing sampling machine that takes samplings to a new height. The MPC Sampler is the most used piece of equipment by every topnotch Hip Hop producers.

THE BEST AND MOST POPULAR SOFTWARE ONLINE---------------------------------------------------The Sonic Producer is a premier software for you to make Hip Hop music with. Today, you will find a lot Raps that uses the Fruity Loops tool.

===========================================================Make Your Own Beats Make beats and download them to mp3 Thousands of sounds, Easy to use