Sunday, April 1, 2012

Need Easy Hip Hop Beat Making Software? - Entertainment - Music

So, you wanna make some 'gangsta' rap beats? Or some funky hip hop beats? Well, the easiest way is to get a good hip hop beat making software. Problem is, most good beat making software is hard to use or requires you have a lot of "extra" equipment to actually produce some tight beats. Not to mention, most software is expensive, some costing upwards of $400. You'd be better off finding a little cheaper piece of software that still has all the features you need to make a phat rap beat, then, your in business.

Making tight beats are easier than you think, as long as you have the right software for making hip hop beats. Especially, nowadays with a lot of the beats being more simple in nature, with less "stuff" going on in the background. A lot of rap beats use more heavy bass lines, a hard kick and a snare, and that's basically it. You can always add more instruments, high hats, etc. but most of the grimy style beats are actually pretty basic they just hit really hard. Me personally, I like simple hard-hitting underground beats and but I also, like cool beats with more instruments and sounds too.

They got some websites out there now, that you can make your own beats on the site and everything. You don't need anything but your computer to get on the internet and you can download your finished beat to your ipod and let everyone check it out. It's cool and I think something like this would be better than blowing a couple hundred dollars on hip hop beat making software that you don't even know is any good. Its always better to try it out first.

You can check out my boy J-Lewis' website. He's got it set up so you can make your beats right on the site! Then you can download it and everything. Check it out /tight-beats1